Get ready to turn your idea into reality!

1. Fill the General Information about Your Project

You need to fill the general information about your project, to make sure the crowd have a clear explanation about your project. You need to fill in the Project Info and Project Story.

2. Choose your Funding Method (Crowdfunding, Loan, Investment)

You need to choose the Funding Method you’re preferred to, whether it’s a Crowdfunding, Loan, or Investment method. Each type of Funding Method will have a different method. 

3. Start your Campaign

Now you can start your campaign and raising funds. Good luck with your project!

How to create an amazing project

Building Trust  A lot of Indonesians still have some serious trust issues with the Internet with regards to making money transactions. Trusting a total stranger with executing a project is a concept which many people are struggling with.

Project Presentation Many project owners have not tried their best to present how interesting their projects are. Mostly attached two or three images with short description about the project and expecting huge interest from the crowd.

Project Campaign Campaigning on projects have not always been conducted properly by many project owners. Many project owners seem to think that tweeting once or twice about their project will set things rolling.

How to? Do’s
  • Do have a clear copywriting, to make sure the crowd have a clear explanation about your project
  • Do upload a high quality images
  • Do make a short video to describe your project in a simple way
How not to Don’ts
  • Don’t set the Funding Goals to high, be realistic
  • Don’t overpromise with your rewards
  • Don’t underestimate your crowd

Are you ready to start your project ?

By creating the project, you are contributing to the growth of Indonesia’s creative economy.

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